How to Get a Free AdX Approval Through Yom Digi Media

If you’re looking to monetize your website or app with ads, getting approved for an AdX MA account can open up a world of advertising possibilities. Yom Digi Media offers a path to free AdX approval. Here’s how to get yours:

Free AdX Approval

Step 1

    Get Setup With Skype

    • Download and install Skype if you don’t have it already.
    • Create a free Skype account.

    Step 2

      Connect YOM Digi Media

      • Add the following Skype ID:   

        ain.bosisio.152media (This represents a Yom Digi Media employee)


      The best time to reach someone at Yom Digi Media is in the evening or early night (Pakistan Standard Time), roughly 6 PM to 1 AM

      must be wait for reply for  Free AdX Approval

      Free AdX Approval

      Step 3

        Start Conversation

        • Send a message introducing yourself as a publisher who wants an AdX MA account.

        • Include a link to your website(s).

        • Continue the conversation with the Yom Digi Media representative.

          That's It !

          • For Free AdX Approval ! 

          • This method doesn’t require screenshots, and Yom Digi Media might approve your AdX MA account directly.

          Additional Notes-

          • For Free AdX Approval isn’t guaranteed. Ensure your website has quality content and meets any other requirements Yom Digi Media has.

          • For Free AdX Approval Be patient and professional in your communications with the company.

          Let me know if you have any other content you’d like me to revise! Free AdX Approval


          How to Choose an AdX Agency

          • Reputation: Look for agencies with verifiable track records, positive reviews, and case studies.
          • Transparency: Ensure clear pricing models and expectations.
          • Communication: An agency should be responsive, open to questions, and focused on collaboration.

          Important Considerations

          • Cost vs. Benefit: Weigh the cost of agency services against the potential increase in ad revenue.
          • DIY vs. Agency: If you're tech-savvy and have time, the DIY approach may be sufficient. Agencies are ideal for those who want expert guidance and hands-off management.
          • No Guarantees: Even with an agency, AdX approval isn't a certainty.

          Case Studies (Hypothetical)

          • Example 1: The Solo Blogger A blogger with high-quality niche content struggles with ad revenue. After partnering with an agency, they optimize the site, gain AdX approval, and see a significant revenue boost.
          • Example 2: The Growing App A mobile app developer wants to monetize their app effectively. An agency helps them navigate AdX for in-app advertising, unlocking a new revenue stream.


          Gaining AdX approval can transform your website's earning potential. Thoroughly evaluate the DIY route versus partnering with an experienced agency to determine the best path for your specific needs and goals.

          Let me know if you'd like me to add more details or focus on specific sections!

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